Building Process

Selecting a custom builder is a very important decision in building your new home. You may have already selected a homesite or you might want your builder's help in this process. We offer turn-key real estate services to guide you every step of the way. Most builders will talk about building a quality home, in budget, on time and great customer service. However, good builders deliver all of these characteristics each and every time. We take great pride in nearly a 100% referral rate. Going beyond your expectations is important to us along with paying attention to the details.

Step One:

Once we engage with a client, if a homesite has not already been selected, we work to find the location for your new home.

Step Two:

After finding your homesite, we start the architectural process with one of our building designers or architect partners. We will go through an interview  process to determine what is most important to you. The plan process will begin at that point.

Step Three:

We will receive a preliminary set of plans for your review. We will be able to provide guidance at this point on how costs can be reduced, floorplan flow, cosmetic elements to make a difference, etc. Any revisions necessary to the plan are marked up and returned to the designer/architect. We can also start working on a preliminary estimate at this point.

Step Four:

Upon completion of the plans, a preliminary budget can be prepared. The plans will go to structural engineering at that point. Once the engineering is completed, we can give an accurate budget based on the specifications and engineering recommendation.

Abby Custom Homes builds custom homes either on a cost plus basis or a fixed price contract. It is generally up to the client for the preferred contract method. Regular construction meetings, planning meetings and design meetings take place with our team to ensure your new home is everything you want it to be. When we build your custom home, we feel it is important to have open communication during this process. We treat every home we build as if it were our own.
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